1 June 2015

May Wrap Up

I can't believe an entire month has passed, where did all the time go? I spent a lot of time on the blog this month to prove to myself that even though this is a hobby, I can be good at it! I've been a little dejected at the traffic and engagement of the blog for a few months and then I realised that I cannot simply expect more readers when I am not actually putting in an equal amount of effort! So I started by changing up the blog layout a little, did more research about blogging, putting in more effort to create quality posts, interact more with other bloggers, networking etc. And lo and behold, my hard work has paid off! I have a better stream of readers now and I am actually enjoying blogging more!

I am so glad that I actually spent the time to do all that and reflected on what I wanted to gain from this hobby. It is good to feel like you've succeeded at something, isn't it? No matter how small the success is! Sorry this was so deep/introspective lol, I may be going through a quarter life crisis right now and I need to feel like I can actually succeed at something. You feel me?

So this month, I talked about 10 books that I would (most probably) never read, participated in 2 read-a-thons, talked about my other obsession: TV shows (post 1 & 2), posted my first discussion: feeling the pressure to read certain books, created a bookish Instagram account and then finally, took part in Armchair BEA where I also share some tips for Social Media!

I also managed to read a good amount of books because of the read-a-thon! I hope to review more books next month though, it is rather disproportionate to the number of books I read every month.


Total: 11 Full Length Novels (listened to 4) & 4 Graphic Novels
Despite being in a reading slump for 1 week after the read-a-thons, I managed to get quite a lot of reading done! Whoopee!
p.s. click on the covers to go to their Goodreads pages
Favourite book: A Court of Thorns & Roses - This was so good! It was fast paced, had a great plot, interesting characters, swoon-worthy romance and an interesting world.
Best Cover: Prisoner of Night and Fog - The crop of the portrait is very interesting and I love the typography on it. Too bad the book wasn't as good...
Wish I did not Read: Gone Girl - I don't necessarily regret reading this but I wish that I read the physical book rather than listen to the 19 hour long audiobook. 
Most Surprising: Confessions of a Shopaholic - I read this ages ago and couldn't remember a thing about it so I went in not really expecting much but it was so entertaining! This rekindled my love for chiclit <3

Average rating: 3.86 stars
Highest rating: 5 stars
Lowest rating: 2.5 stars


p.s. click on the covers to read my reviews on them


The goal is to track the number of pages you read and hit your goal for the year. (Hosted by: Avanti Ciera)
My goal: Multi-Diamond 10,001+ pages

May: 4,020 Pages

Total: 17, 073 Pages

The goal is to read a book of each letter of the alphabet. (Hosted by: Escape with Dolly Cass)

18/26 Complete!

Various points are awarded for reading and completing a series.
(Hosted by: Novel Heartbeat and Writer Grrl Reads)
My Goal: 51-75 points

  • Sequels: Isla and the Happily Ever After & Gathering Blue (4 points)
  • Completing a series: Anna and the French Kiss (10 points)
Grand total: 39 points

The goal is to read a certain number of fantasy books in 2015.
(Hosted by: Alexa Loves Books & Hello, Chelly)
My Goal: 40 fantasy books

May: 3
Current progress: 24/40

Do share your May Wrap Up links below, I love looking at what everyone managed to read this month! :)
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  1. 15 books? How could you read so fast? I probably broke the record for reading the littlest this month since I only read 4 books..*hide in shame*
    Anyway, glad you love A Court of Thorns and Roses! I heard mixed reviews about it, but your review made me want to read it again :)

    Tiffany @ The Bookish Thought

    1. Haha I had a lot of time on my hands! :) I hope you get to read more this month!
      ACOTAR is great, especially if you love romance!

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Your blog looks fantastic! I like the clean look.
    You did awesome for books too. I wanna read 5 of those, and am just finishing up A Court of Thorns and Rose. *swooning*
    Happy June reading!

    1. Aww thank you so much! :) Yes, ACOTAR was so good!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Woah! I also read 15 books this month! I hate that you didn't like Prisoner of Night and Fog (even though I will join you in loving the cover) because I am reading it right now. It's nothing wonderful (it feels a little too Nancy Drew-y for my tastes), but I'm finding it a fun listen.
    -Monica @ Tomes Project

    1. Ah yes it was very reminiscent of Nancy Drew!!! That's a spot on comparison and it really explains why I didn't like it, I've always hated Nancy Drew since I was a kid...its great that you are enjoying it though! :)

      Thanks for dropping by!

  4. WOAH! You read so fast. I envy you. I'm a really slow reader. Hahaha. Anyway, it's good to know you have lots 2015 challenges and you're coping with them. Me, I'm 4 books behind my Goodreads challenge and that's not good bc it's already June! Great reads BTW. :)

    Yani @ Paper Boulevard