1 June 2012

Review/Blog Tour: Angel Eyes by Shannon Dittermore

Title: Angel Eyes
Author: Shannon Dittermore
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Fiction
Published: May 29th 2012
Series: Angel Eyes Trilogy #1
Source: ebook (provided for review by publisher)
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Summary: Once you’ve seen, you can’t unsee. Everything changes when you’ve looked at the world through . . .


Brielle’s a ballerina who went to the city to chase her dreams and found tragedy instead. She’s come home to shabby little Stratus, Oregon, to live with her grief and her guilt . . . and the incredible, numbing cold she can’t seem to shake.

Jake’s the new guy at school. The boy next door with burning hands and an unbelievable gift that targets him for corruption.

Something more than fate has brought them together. An evil bigger than both of them lurks in the shadows nearby, hiding in plain sight. Two angels stand guard, unsure what’s going to happen. And a beauty brighter than Jake or Brielle has ever seen is calling them to join the battle in a realm where all human choices start.

A realm that only angels and demons—and Brielle—can perceive.

Review:  I was not expecting a religious book and I would say that it affected my rating for it in a huge way. I am usually pretty tolerant when it comes to religion-related situations but I was not pleased with the way Christianity was shoved down my throat in this book.

Obviously Angels have everything got to do with the Christian religion but in all of the Angel books I have read, I never came across one that hinted so heavily on how being a Christian is the only way blablabla. Angel Eyes was basically a wild roller coaster ride. 

The beginning was confusing, nothing was explained, especially the chapters narrated by the angel but it was still interesting because of Brielle's part of the story. Towards the middle it got really good!!! I was really into the book and couldn't put it down. And then the Christian club rolled in...there was a massive dump of how there is only one God and how amazing he is because he controls everyone's lives (??? that's supposed to be a good thing???). I skimmed through it pretty quickly once I realised what was was going on because I didn't want to ruin the book. The ending came along and I thought it was a pretty good ending but well, the whole God-deciding-if-you-live-or-die talk really got on my nerves and I decided that I wasn't even going to read the next book. Just a disclaimer, I have read books that are very religion-inclined but at least I was prepared because it was mentioned in the synopsis or back cover. Also, it was written as a discussion unlike in Angel Eyes where it was displayed as facts.

I would say that plot-wise it was a pretty good story although the backbone of it bore some similarities to Twilight. *gasp* Girl moves in with dad in a quite town, starts school and meets a boy, boy seems interested in her, saves her, love connection, saves her a few more times, reveals secret about self, she becomes part of his and his family's lives etc. (you know the rest) What really kept it interesting were the slight twists in the Angel lore and the amazing insights we had to the baddies.

Overall it was a really good read and I would have honestly given it one more star if not for the religious undertones. Do not hesitate to pick up this book if you are a Christian or wouldn't mind the religious undertones since you have been given a heads up and know what to expect. :)

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  1. I can't tell you how appreciative I am of your time, Ee Hwee. That you took a chunk of it to read and review Angel Eyes is so appreciated. Thank you, thank you.